Sunday, December 12, 2010

Segmenting and Targeting Markets-One-to-one marketing (week 14)

Chipotle Mexican Grill always look for different ways where they can benefit their customers. An example is a gift card, you might think that it isn't worthy but in this holidays Chipotle is a promotion where customers can buy a gift card of $25 and they can get a any free meal at the same day or in their next visit to the restaurant. All that the customer need to do is keep the receipt where he/she can show the purchase of the gift card. I found interesting and convenience because we don't really need to give a gift card  to somebody, we can keep it for ourselves and use it as a debit card, at the same time we are getting a free meal. People might think differently, but i see it as a way where we as customer can save a couple of dollars and we are not spending nothing just keep the money that we eventually would spend. Customer also can visit the Chipotle website and find their gift card valance.      

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