Sunday, December 12, 2010

Segmenting and Targeting Markets-One-to-one marketing (week 14)

Chipotle Mexican Grill always look for different ways where they can benefit their customers. An example is a gift card, you might think that it isn't worthy but in this holidays Chipotle is a promotion where customers can buy a gift card of $25 and they can get a any free meal at the same day or in their next visit to the restaurant. All that the customer need to do is keep the receipt where he/she can show the purchase of the gift card. I found interesting and convenience because we don't really need to give a gift card  to somebody, we can keep it for ourselves and use it as a debit card, at the same time we are getting a free meal. People might think differently, but i see it as a way where we as customer can save a couple of dollars and we are not spending nothing just keep the money that we eventually would spend. Customer also can visit the Chipotle website and find their gift card valance.      

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Developing and Managing Products-New-Product Strategy(week 13)

Next step! Lets develop an Asian restaurant. As Chipotle Mexican Grill continue growing rapidly and successful fast casual burrito chain, now they are planning to expand to into Asian restaurant. Chipotle is working on the Asian restaurant concept model. Chipotle's founder and co-Chief Executive Steve Ells, along with a small team from the company are those who will develop this concept and strategy reasons they don't reveal the name yet. This project is planning to be ready for the next year, lets see how it works. Steve Ells say something important about that, "This Asian restaurant is just an opportunity to see how our model works when we use different ingredients and a different style of food." The idea is to use some of the same features used by Chipotle's restaurants. For example, raised ingredients and preparing all meals in front of the customers.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

CRM-Customer-centric(week 12)

Customer Service is an important priority to Chipotle, because Chipotle wants to make happy their customer of what they're buying and make feel as at home in every restaurant that they visit. Chipotle create their website to satisfy customer needs. Customers like to save time every time they go to purchase their meals, at, they can order by online and they just need to place their order and time they want to pick up it and that's it. At customer also can find information about the menu, story, and it's commitment ("Food With Integrity"). All of this is to inform and help customer to acknowledge them about Chipotle and satisfy some of their needs. The website also has a section called Fan-Antics; here you can send any picture, letter, or videos showing your passion for Chipotle. As well you can leave any comment about what either you like or not at Chipotle. For people who are vegetarian they also can find information of what they can eat and get information about calories and much more. Chipotle is expanding its territory more and more that now you can find Chipotle at facebook too. Chipotle wants to socialize more with people, customer and for those who doesn't know about Chipotle too. People need to know the effort of Chipotle to bring healthy food( no antibiotics and hormones added to any meat.) Chipotle wants to change people mind about fast food restaurants.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Integrate Marketing Comunication-Promotion (Week 11)

Have you think about FREE LUNCH AT CHIPOTLE? Yes, that's real Chipotle is giving over 10 000 coupons to get a free lunch in all different locations in U.S. Where can you find coupons? Well, definitively at or you can find from other sources on Internet. Keep in mind that some coupons have expiration dates, so be sure to read thoroughly. Do you think that is it, no Chipotle also is known to feature promotion on college campuses, where Chipotle will provide to university authorities with coupons for special discounts such as, free delicious tacos, or burritos, as well chips and guacamole(home-made). If you are a student in any college don't wait anymore go and ask for more information. Chipotle wants to let people know about its commitment, "Food With Integrity" it's why Chipotle is also given printable coupons. These Chipotle printable coupons are found by typing chipotle printable coupons into the Internet browser, then just follow the instruction and be ready to get amazing discounts. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chipotle Ad - "Respect The Burrito"

Global Marketing Presentation- Chipotle

Produc Concepts-Brand Name (week10)

CHIPOTLE is a name that almost every one talk about, because since they opened the first restaurant people been talking and let others know about it. Almost all know Chipotle Mexican Grill as CHIPOTLE, definitively its name make difference between others. Chipotle had been getting recognized for its freshness and the best quality food The pepper in its logo is what characterize Chipotle and when people see this they know that is the correct place to go and get a delicious meal. Chipotle had been changing its image according the time pass because as it commitment (Food With Integrity) they want to keep improving and give to the costumers better things than before. A new logo represent its grow across the country and all the effort and the compromise of doing thing by the right way as possible. Chipotle wants to look young while the time pass and look full of enthusiasm to keep satisfying what their costumers want.