Sunday, December 12, 2010

Segmenting and Targeting Markets-One-to-one marketing (week 14)

Chipotle Mexican Grill always look for different ways where they can benefit their customers. An example is a gift card, you might think that it isn't worthy but in this holidays Chipotle is a promotion where customers can buy a gift card of $25 and they can get a any free meal at the same day or in their next visit to the restaurant. All that the customer need to do is keep the receipt where he/she can show the purchase of the gift card. I found interesting and convenience because we don't really need to give a gift card  to somebody, we can keep it for ourselves and use it as a debit card, at the same time we are getting a free meal. People might think differently, but i see it as a way where we as customer can save a couple of dollars and we are not spending nothing just keep the money that we eventually would spend. Customer also can visit the Chipotle website and find their gift card valance.      

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Developing and Managing Products-New-Product Strategy(week 13)

Next step! Lets develop an Asian restaurant. As Chipotle Mexican Grill continue growing rapidly and successful fast casual burrito chain, now they are planning to expand to into Asian restaurant. Chipotle is working on the Asian restaurant concept model. Chipotle's founder and co-Chief Executive Steve Ells, along with a small team from the company are those who will develop this concept and strategy reasons they don't reveal the name yet. This project is planning to be ready for the next year, lets see how it works. Steve Ells say something important about that, "This Asian restaurant is just an opportunity to see how our model works when we use different ingredients and a different style of food." The idea is to use some of the same features used by Chipotle's restaurants. For example, raised ingredients and preparing all meals in front of the customers.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

CRM-Customer-centric(week 12)

Customer Service is an important priority to Chipotle, because Chipotle wants to make happy their customer of what they're buying and make feel as at home in every restaurant that they visit. Chipotle create their website to satisfy customer needs. Customers like to save time every time they go to purchase their meals, at, they can order by online and they just need to place their order and time they want to pick up it and that's it. At customer also can find information about the menu, story, and it's commitment ("Food With Integrity"). All of this is to inform and help customer to acknowledge them about Chipotle and satisfy some of their needs. The website also has a section called Fan-Antics; here you can send any picture, letter, or videos showing your passion for Chipotle. As well you can leave any comment about what either you like or not at Chipotle. For people who are vegetarian they also can find information of what they can eat and get information about calories and much more. Chipotle is expanding its territory more and more that now you can find Chipotle at facebook too. Chipotle wants to socialize more with people, customer and for those who doesn't know about Chipotle too. People need to know the effort of Chipotle to bring healthy food( no antibiotics and hormones added to any meat.) Chipotle wants to change people mind about fast food restaurants.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Integrate Marketing Comunication-Promotion (Week 11)

Have you think about FREE LUNCH AT CHIPOTLE? Yes, that's real Chipotle is giving over 10 000 coupons to get a free lunch in all different locations in U.S. Where can you find coupons? Well, definitively at or you can find from other sources on Internet. Keep in mind that some coupons have expiration dates, so be sure to read thoroughly. Do you think that is it, no Chipotle also is known to feature promotion on college campuses, where Chipotle will provide to university authorities with coupons for special discounts such as, free delicious tacos, or burritos, as well chips and guacamole(home-made). If you are a student in any college don't wait anymore go and ask for more information. Chipotle wants to let people know about its commitment, "Food With Integrity" it's why Chipotle is also given printable coupons. These Chipotle printable coupons are found by typing chipotle printable coupons into the Internet browser, then just follow the instruction and be ready to get amazing discounts. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chipotle Ad - "Respect The Burrito"

Global Marketing Presentation- Chipotle

Produc Concepts-Brand Name (week10)

CHIPOTLE is a name that almost every one talk about, because since they opened the first restaurant people been talking and let others know about it. Almost all know Chipotle Mexican Grill as CHIPOTLE, definitively its name make difference between others. Chipotle had been getting recognized for its freshness and the best quality food The pepper in its logo is what characterize Chipotle and when people see this they know that is the correct place to go and get a delicious meal. Chipotle had been changing its image according the time pass because as it commitment (Food With Integrity) they want to keep improving and give to the costumers better things than before. A new logo represent its grow across the country and all the effort and the compromise of doing thing by the right way as possible. Chipotle wants to look young while the time pass and look full of enthusiasm to keep satisfying what their costumers want.

The Chipotle Experience

Noah eating a burrito bowl at Chipotle

Produc Concepts-Brand(week10)

TABASCO® brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce is one of the most important and delicious Chpotle's brand. Chipotle was looking for a sauce that can give a delicious magic touch to what the costumer had ordered at Chipotle. And guest what, Tabasco Pepper Sauce came out, they made it with select smoked red jalapeño peppers and has a smooth, rich smoky flavor. Chipotle pepper sauce has an important story; "Before the time of the Aztecs, ancient Mexican civilizations prized the Chipotle pepper for its dark, smoky flavor. Using a centuries-old method, vine-ripened red jalapeño peppers are slow-smoked to perfection over a smoldering fire, and the peppers produce a rich, thick-bodied sauce ideally balanced in heat and flavor." You should try it in your meals and you'll find a delicious touch that is going to give a good taste in your meals.  

Chipotle Food With Integrity Cooking Segment on FOX 6

Chipotle Food With Integrity Cooking Segment on FOX 6

Produc Concepts-Consumer Product (week10)

When Chipotle first opened its door in 1993, there were many thing to think about it but the main goal was to serve high quality, delicious food as fast as possible. "Food With Integrity" is the Chipotle commitment that let costumers know about what Chipotle offers in terms of quality. Since, Chipotle opened the doors of the first restaurant they had been looking for the best quality in its products. Chipotle always will be focus on sourcing the best possible ingredients, as well serving the tastiest food. Chipotle wants to bring you the best quality on fast food in order to satisfy what the costumers want to see in their daily meal.

Produc Concepts-Consumer Product (week10)

Chipotle Mexican Grill is the correct place for those who wants a fresh and delicious meal. At Chipotle you would find a delicious gourmet steak burrito, or a fresh chicken salad or even a spicy barbacoa tacos with some avocado on top. Chipotle offers a variety of delicious meals but something that you always would find at any Chipotle is quality and freshness in all that is serving to costumers.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sales Promotion and Personal Selling- Rebate(Week 9)

"Dress to Kill this Halloween"
This Halloween Chipotle wants you to get dress as your  a horrifying processed food product and they will give you any item (burrito,bowl, salad or an order of tacos) for the amazing price of $2. All the money collected will go directly to "Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution," because in this Halloween Chipotle wants to contribute with  this campaign in order to support school food service personnel across the country.

Sales Promotion and Personal Selling-Loyalty Marketing Prongrams(Week 9)

Once you get your custom ready, then in order to enter the contest take a picture of yourself in your costume at a Chipotle (picture should be taken at a Chipotle) and submit it to the web site between October 31 and November 8. After costume experts have decide who are the winners, they will be posted in Chipotle online gallery on November 15. Costume contest prizes are; 
-One grand prize winner will receive $2,500 with five runners up getting $1,000 each.

-Twenty runner-runner up winners will receive a burrito party for 20 guests.

Sales Promotion and Personal Selling-Loyalty Marketing Prongrams(Week 9)

"The Horrors of Processed Food"

Lets make things happen  differently this Halloween and get dress up as the scariest and processed food, and visit any Chipotle on Halloween from 6 p.m. to close (hours of close might vary). Go to and find out all different store locations and they schedules. Don't lose the chance of have fun this Halloween and at the same time to get your boorito at low price. Chipotle would be waiting for you and your best horrifying processed food custom.

Sales Promotion and Personal Selling-Loyalty Marketing Prongrams(Week 9)

Chipotle had been rewarding customers giving free burritos to those who get dress up as their favorite menu item in Halloween. However,Chipotle Mexican Grill is doing things differently in this Halloween. Chipotle is focusing this Halloween in the "The Horrors of Processed Food." Chef Jaime Oliver and founder Steve Ells prepare for Boorito as a horrifying processed chicken nugget and a tub of high-fructose sweetened dipping sauce. It is a simple example of what Chipotle customers can get dress up to participate and have a chance to win amazing things.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Advertising and Public Relations- Media Types (week 8)

Chipotle is also using radio to market their customers and let them know little more about Chipotle Mexican Grill. Chipotle is airing new radio spots in the Denver market, where the goal is to promoting burritos and its Food With Integrity. The five spots are "Whoo Hoo," "Acoustic Kids," "Mailbox," "Guac, Guac, Guacamole" and "Speak & Spell." Chipotle is spending $5 million in marketing effort designed to extend the chain's hip and irreverent image while still focusing of curse on product quality.  

Advertising and Public Relations- Media Types (week 8)

Chipotle is using Television as a media to market their restaurants. Television is an important media where Chipotle is getting more and more customers to their restaurants. For example, news channel 9 abc covered the grand opening of Chipotle Mexican Grill in DeWitt. A big crowd was on hand for the grand opening of Chipotle Mexican Grill on Tuesday. Customers filled several parking lots and waited in long lines to get a taste of what the new location has to offer. It was really helpful for the restaurant because now more people know about it and they would be curious to go and see what's going on there.

Advertising and Public Relations- Media Types (week 8)

The most important media that Chipotle has nowadays is the Internet. It is an important way where Chipotle make their online advertising and definitively is an effectively tool in business. At is the web site where anyone can enter and look at the menu, see all different ingredients and topics in the food. Also, something really important is that customers can place their order by online instead of go and make line to order something. Customers can go and place their order at any time and any store at anywhere they are by their iPhone an easy way to save time.

Advertising and Public Relations- Media Types (week 8)

Another Media Type that Chipotle is using is magazines. According to New York Magazine Restaurant Guide Chipotle has an average rating of 10, Food 10, Service 710 and Deco 10. Nymag is publishing an article where say that Chipotle has the best tasting and freshest Mexican food around. One of the favorites topics in Chipolte were the guacamole and the cilantro-lime rice. As we know Chipotle is characterized by it freshness and the guacamole is not the exception. All stores has the responsibility to make fresh guacamole every single day.   

Advertising and Public Relations- Media Types (week 8)

Chipotle is using Internet, magazines, radio, television, outdoor as advertising media to promote its popularity in the market. Wrapped in a graphic to look like rumpled tin foil, not unlike on of their wrapped signature burritos, car 3438 is advertising the Chipotle Mexican food chain while bringing up the rear of a northbound Brown Line train at Merchandise Mart. It might look crazy but it is how Chipotle wants to attract more customers to all respective states.

Retailing-Chain Stores (week 7)

Macy's counts with many chain stores on its 3 floor such as;
-Au Bon Pain
Fresh Bread, Cafe featuring sandwiches and fresh baked, garden salads, and ice creams.

-Ben and Jerry's
Ice cream flavors

-Cucina and CO
A Mediterranean style cafe and take-out store featuring fresh salads sandwiches, baked goods, pastas, and hot food.

Sit down and enjoy a hot cup of coffee, Caramel Macchiato, Expresso, a Cold Frapucino, and variety  of pastries

Retailing- Department Stores (week 7)

On the level 1 1/2 you can find the men's Denim Collection:

  • American Rag
  • Calvin Klein Jeans
  • DKNY Jeans
  • Guess
  • Nautica
  • Zoo York
     Men's Urban Collections
  • Ecko Unltd
  • Phat Farm
  • Rockawear
  • Sean John

Retailing- Department Stores (week 7)

Macy's has a wide department stores in their 7 different floors at West 34 Street. For example, the level 1 on the Broadway side for women you can find:
  • Cosmetics and Fragrances                                             
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Fashion Jewelry and watches
  • Fine Jewelry and watches
  • Handbags
  • Sunglasses and umbrellas                                     

Retailing-Price (week 7)

Perry Ellis Tie, Manor Stripe Silk
Macy's also is giving great 25% off on ties, 40% off on Fitted Dress Shirts and modern look. All brands are included like Hugo Boss, Alfani, Calvin Klein, Geffrey Beene, Perry Ellis and more. All ties has great discounts that at the end of the day you get wondered of all great price on the popular and important brands in New York. Also, is important to remark all the Dress Shirts that has important percent off from the regular price, for example a Hugo Boss shirt has a regular price of $125 after a 25% you get it as low as $ 31.25 final price.

Retailing/Macy's-Retailing (week 7)

Macy's is one the most important retailing store in New York that has amazing prices. One of the most attractive department that Macy's has is the Jewelry. This department has great sales on almost all items, for example there is a clearance of 15 to 50% off of original price on sterling silver, gold, and diamonds. A regular price of a 14 K earrings is $150, after 50% is $75.  Another great  example is on the 14 K gold bracelet that has 15% off from the regular price of $300.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Consumer Decision Making- Perception (week 6)

Messages posted in the cups are help full for customers because they learn something new about company. Also, Chipotle is using napkins to put information for the customers. For example, in each napkin you would find information about to opened a burrito or sometimes there is information about sour cream. It explain how Chipotle's sour cream doesn't  have the hormone " rBGH ." This hormone is injected to the caws to produce more milk as they use to produce. However, Chipotle's farmers does not use it because they want to protect Chipotle's cattle and customers.

Consumer Decision Making- Perception (week 6)

When customers go to Chipotle sometimes they need some help to figure out what they are going to eat and it is when Chipotle helped them. People who work at Chipotle always try to be specific and clear in the way that they explain the customer what they might order to eat. Another way to let the customer know about what they should eat and what they are eating is by giving information posted in the Chipotle's to go bags. Ever time when you order an entrée to go, the company gives you one of about four or five artistic bags with a few sentences about the company's values. For example, "(Cartoon pig drawing, pig with speech bubble: "¡Viva la Revolución!") Okay pigs, it's time for us to get together and start fixing this system. We see the way that our pig friends get treated at their factory farms, and it's time we fight so all pigs can have the same rights we have! No more tight confining pens! No more antibiotics or non-vegetarian feed!!!!!!!! We can do it!" It is another way to let people know about Chipotle values, these bags have information about the animals raised, as well the beans, and vegetables that the company is using.

Consumer Decision Making-Stimulus(external) (week 6)

  • Customers who are visited Chipotle had been extraordinary wondered about the food and they way how it's make, so that recoment Chipotle to their friends, family members and others. It is how Chipotle chain goes by one customer to others people and so on. Customers who had tried Chipotle want to their friends and others to have the same experience and to taste the delicious of the food served at Chipotle. A lot of customers are wondered about how the guacamole tastes and they liked, why? because, it is home made and fresh. Every single of guacamole portion that you eat is fresh and every day made.  

Consumer Decision Making-Stimulus(internal) (week 6)

Chipotle found the keys of its success that is serving food with integrity and the great customer services. Customers like to eat great quality in the meet and have a extraordinary experience in any place that they like to eat. Well, Chipotle has these characteristics giving quality, even if they don't expect it and acknowledge their customers about food with integrity. Customers want to know what they are eating and they like to see how the food is cook. Chipotle is proud about its free-antibiotic meat, because Chipotle's goal is to give to their customers the best flavor, taste in their food. Once, every customer taste the food, Chipotle is convinced that he or she would come back, why? because they'll taste the quality and freshness of what they're eating.

Consumer Decision Making-Need Recognition (week 6)

Chipotle has set itself a step ahead of the competition by catering to customers concerned about sustainability. According to Ells (the owner of Chipotle), Chipotle buys more antibiotic-free and vegetarian-fed meat than any other restaurant in the world. As a result, Chipotle’s meat tastes much better than anywhere else. It is why Chipotle apply its phrase "FOOD With Integrity," that is consisted by four different categories; animals are treated humanely, never given antibiotics, never given hormones, and animals are fed vegetarian.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Developing a Global Vision-Culture (week 5)

Chipotle is also worry about customer who are conscientious about the environment. As  we know there are some people who like s to eat at places who protect the environment. Thus, Chipotle's bags and napkins are 100 % paper recycled, it might see simple or without importance but believed or not people think about it before to enter to a place.  


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Developing a Global Vision-Culture (week 5)

As we metioned before culture is very important to us as markets because there are many things to take in consideration. Chipotle is trying to get all the products 100 % natural and organic to satisfy its customers and people's culture. An example is Chipotle's menu, people whom for any reason, sometimes for religion can't eat meat, Chipotle has the capability to serve a delicious order without meat (vegetarian; burrito, tacos or salad).

Developing a Global Vision-Culture (week 5)

Corporate culture is a very integral part of the business as the company prides itself on its natural ingredients, responsible farming, as well community stewardship. This culture is passed on to customers, who are more likely to go out of their way to stop at Chipotle instead of a competitor because of the values they share with the company. All these values aren't always easy to implement and the company has struggled to find enough hormone free meat to supply their entire corporation. However, they have been able to at least roll out organic beef market by market and have a goal of completing this roll out in the next few years.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Marketing Environment-Research (Week4)

At, customers will be asked to tell us what love about Chipotle, and they also will have the chance to upload images,audio clips, and videos about their favorite Chipotle items. Customers submissions will be feature on the site, where they can be rated, discussed and shared with other customers. All of this will help Chipotle to know what are the improvements that they need to do in order of their customer satisfaction. Chipotle knows that customer service is very important for them and they know that they are being successful because of their customers. It is why Chipotle always is trying to improve more their relationship with each customer that they have in all the restaurants.

The Marketing Environment-Research (Week4)

The campaign called My Chipotle is designed to help them engage directly with their loyal customers in a way they never have before. Chipotle is very lucky to have an incredibly passionate customers base who chooses to talk about Chipotle in a way that's so genuine. The new campaign for the new menu is also the beginning of their effort to form a deeper, more meaningful connection with each and every one of the customers. The new campaign will use many traditional forms of media, including radio, print out doors and a significant online component. It is a website called

The Marketing Environment-Research (Week4)

The new menu is intended to present greater variety, offer suggestions to customers who don't understand how customize their order. Also, provide options for customers who want something smaller, or who want to spend little less money and be more welcoming to families and kids. All of this would be possible while preserving the simplicity and efficiency or our streamlined service format. In additions to the changes to our menu, Chipotle is launching a new campaign in many of their mayor markets soon.    

The Marketing Environment-Research (Week4)

In response to the problem about the menu, Chipotle figured out how a new menu would help to their customers. The menu would show their  individual ingredient, but also it would show how customers would be able to combine all the ingredients. The menu also shows more variety and the most important it doesn't intimidate the new customers. All the new customers would have more clarity and explanations when they want to place their order.

The Marketing Environment-Research (Week4)

Chipotle is researching for new ideas that would improve its relationship with their customers. During the research, they find out that while their customers prefer their food to that of  their competitors, most of the customers were not aware that the superior quality of their raw    ingredients is one of the reasons for the great testing food. In the research project Chipotle find out some drawbacks to their simple menu. Their current menus display the individual ingredients, and leave it to the customers to figure out how to combine them.      

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Country of Origen

1.- Polo T-shirt-Egyp, Guatemala.
2.- Sport T-shirt-China
3.- Pans- China, Jordan.
4.- Jeans- Cambodia, Pakistan, Colombia, Macau, Egypto.
5.- Sport Shorts- Vietnam
6.- Casual Shorts- India
7.- Cargo Shorts- Vietnam, Sri Lanka.
8.- Casual Shirt- Indonesie, China, Nicaragua, Thailand, Taiwan, Sir Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Honduras.
9.- Jacket- China, Korea, Jordan.
10.- Ties- China.
11.- Sweaters- China, Guatemala, Bangladesh.
12.- Suits- China, Korea.
13.- Sport Coats.- China, Korea.
14.- Boxers.- China, India, Indonesia, Sir Lanka.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Additional information to week 2- Social responsanbility

Before the end of 2007, Chipotle Mexican Grill will no longer serve any cheese made with milk from cows treated with the synthetic hormone rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone). That will make Chipotle the first national restaurant chain to eliminate rBGH entirely from items on its menu.

Additional information to week 2- Social responsanbility

Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE: CMG), the national chain of burrito restaurants, wants all of the e-mail you don’t want. Through its “No Junk” campaign, the company is encouraging Americans to forward their junk e-mails to where each forwarded piece of e-mail will help provide nutritious cafeteria meals for school children around the country through a partnership with the nonprofit organization, The Lunch Box. For every 100,000 pieces of junk electronic e-mail that Americans send to Chipotle, the company will donate 10,000 to the lunch box.

Additional information to week 2- Social responsanbility

​Seven Chipotle locations around town will be donating 50 percent of today's proceeds to Denver Bike Sharing, the Colorado nonprofit that operates the infamous B-cycle stations. Here's how it works: Stop by the Chipotle at 1480 16th Street in LoDo, 1600 California Street, 550 Broadway, 140 Steele Street in Cherry Creek, 333 East Alameda Avenue, 2500 East Colfax Avenue or 1644 East Evans Avenue (the very first Chipotle in the country!) and order your grub. Tell the staffer that you're there to support B-cycle, or just hand over a print-out of the flier below. For your troubles, you'll get a free B-card worth $5 off a 24-hour Denver Bike Sharing membership.

Additional information to week 2- Social responsanbility

They emphasize health (using organic ingredients), local produce (striving to buy 25% locally), and animal care (the meat is free range).  In other words, eating a burrito is more than eating a burrito.  Its promoting local farmers and helping to ensure adequate care of animals. 

Additional information to week 2- Ethics

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. Code OF Conduct.
The Code of Conduct includes this introductory section, "Integrity Statement," "Anti-Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Harassment Policy," "It’s the Law,” and "Chipotle Confidential."

Chipotle’s Ethics and Conflicts of Interest Policy
Chipotle is a company based on integrity. Integrity is about being real and being honest. It means doing the right thing even when no one is watching. These values permeate the way we do, and do not do, business.
You are expected to use good judgment, adhere to high ethical standards, and avoid situations that create an actual or perceived conflict between your personal interests and those of Chipotle. Chipotle requires that the transactions you participate in are ethical and within the law, both in letter and in spirit.

Additional information to week 2- Strategic Planning

Halloween is around the corner and Chipotle is ready to celebrate it. Get a FREE BURRITO from Chipotle  this Halloween. Officially the deal is announced now that on Halloween, October 31, 2010, after 6 pm, Chipotle will be giving free burrito for those who dresses like Burrito, bol, salad, or taco. "GET READY YOUR TIN FOIL"

Additional information to week 2- Strategic Planning

Visiting local businesses with chips and guacamole, fax forms, and Burritos by the Box form to seek out new and existing customers, invite them into the restaurants and educate them on convenient ways to order from Chipotle;
  • Be an expert on your trade area watch which businesses come and go.
  • Make this the cornerstone of your community outreach.
  • Gather business cards or ask for names and follow up.
  • Ideas include retailers, hospitals, industrial centers, office parks, and farmer's markets.  

Additional information to week 2- Strategic Planning

We have studied and learned from companies that have  grown too fast and gone down in flames. Maintaining quality as we grow is extremely important. We are growing at a reasonable pace and not just growing for grwth's sake. We concentrate on growing Chipotle one burrito, one customer, and one restaurant at a time.
BOGO/Free Burrito Days
Buy one get one days or free days that attract potential new customers from local business, schools and residential communities; 
  • Identify possible partners in your trade area.( see what other local business are next to you and give a menu to see what we are offering.)
  • Look for local schools that you want to see more often.( see what can we do to atrract students, for example make any discount, or accept campus cash.)
  • Talk to customers who can help you establish connections.( interact with the customers and fin out if they know somebody who migth like to eat at chipotle.)         

Chipotle Mexican Grill Map


Additional information to week 1- Mission Statement

The "Food With Integrity" mission statement was adopted in 2001. Chipotle made the commitment to use naturally raised meat, organic produce and dairy without added hormones. The chicken and pork Chipotle sells in their restaurant is naturally raised and so is half of their beef. They also strive to use as much locally grown produce as possible in an effort to decrease their carbon footprint.

Additional information to week 1- Mission Statement

Chiotle Business Model is Simple; Make better food,; people come in; we take care of the people; the people come back; sales increase. Our goal has been, and will remain, to serve gourmet food at reasonable prices in a cool atmosphere. The best "local institution" restaurants in every town follow that same approach and have stayed strong for decades. They do not need to advertise. Customers advertise for them. If we do our job well in the restaurants, people will come back again and again to Chipotle. We don't really compete with fast food; we are an alternative.  

Additional information to week 1- Brief Story

Chipotle serves five basic meal options; Burrito (with a heated flour tortilla, rice and beans), Fajita Burrito (with heated flour tortilla, grilled onions and peppers(beans are optional)), Burrito Bol (a burrito served in a bowl instead of wrapped in a tortilla), Crispy (made of corn tortilla) or Soft Tacos (made of flour tortilla), and Salads. From there, choose your meat; chicken, shredded beef "barbacoa," shredded pork "carnitas," steak or vegetarian (guacamole included.) And more, there are another toppings included; cheese, sour cream, corn, green tomatillo salsa, red tomatillo salsa, lettuce, and fresh pico de gallo.

Additional information to week 1- Brief Story

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a fast-casual dining establishment that serves authentic San Fransisco-style burritos and tacos. Chipotle was founded in Denver, Colorado, Steve Ells opened the first Chipotle near the University of Denver in 1993. As soon as Steve Ells opened the first Chipotle he expanded more location in other states.From 1993 to 2009, there were more than 830 Chipotle restaurants (all are company owned, not franchised).

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Social Responsability (Week 2&3)

                                                            Food With Integrity

FWI is our commitment to finding the best ingredients with respect for the animals, the land, the environment, and the people who grow the food and raise the animals. Chipotle treated all animals humanely and respect from birth to slaughter, never given antibiotics, never given growth hormones, and they are vegetarian fed.  

Social Responsability (Week 2&3)

It's just as three simple words: Freshness, Simplicity, and Quality. All of the food is fresh. There are no freezers, microwaves or can openers at Chipotle. We use simple ingredients, just like the Chipotle pepper, which was only a humble jalapeno before it was dried and smoked, turning it into something extraordinary.

Ethical Behavior (Week 2&3)

Customers "customize" their own burritos or tacos. Everything is made in front of them; each customer see and select exactly what goes into their burrito or tacos. All of this is while they watch, not while they wait. If customers want extra cheese, less rice, more meat, all they have to do is ask. Chipotle'll make it perfect for them.

Ethical Behavior (Week 2&3)

Our marketing mirrors our food. We take traditional marketing tactics and execute them in untraditional ways. Our best marketing tools is inside the four walls, you and  your crew surprising and rewarding each customer on every visit. Raising expectations and disproving common ideas about a quick-service joint, and promoting the Chipotle personality.

Strategic Plan (Week 2&3)

Student Brand Managers

The Student Brand Managers promote Chipotle to fellow students on campus by reprenting the brand, and seeking out and implementing promotional opportunities that are strong fit for Chipotle.

How we can get started? Well, we suggest students, high schools and collegesthat are best for your trade area. Also, students can be your best word of mout evangelists. 

Strategic Plan (Week 2&3)

What's local store marketing? A local store marketing is when we selling happiness wrapped in foil.As well, surprising and rewarding customers. Chipotle is pretty sure that if we can gent people to taste the food, they'll get hooked.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Best Food

Chipotle wants to show the people all the effort about raising animals. Serving food with quality is priority for Chipotle because they want to bring the best food for their customers.