Sunday, November 21, 2010

CRM-Customer-centric(week 12)

Customer Service is an important priority to Chipotle, because Chipotle wants to make happy their customer of what they're buying and make feel as at home in every restaurant that they visit. Chipotle create their website to satisfy customer needs. Customers like to save time every time they go to purchase their meals, at, they can order by online and they just need to place their order and time they want to pick up it and that's it. At customer also can find information about the menu, story, and it's commitment ("Food With Integrity"). All of this is to inform and help customer to acknowledge them about Chipotle and satisfy some of their needs. The website also has a section called Fan-Antics; here you can send any picture, letter, or videos showing your passion for Chipotle. As well you can leave any comment about what either you like or not at Chipotle. For people who are vegetarian they also can find information of what they can eat and get information about calories and much more. Chipotle is expanding its territory more and more that now you can find Chipotle at facebook too. Chipotle wants to socialize more with people, customer and for those who doesn't know about Chipotle too. People need to know the effort of Chipotle to bring healthy food( no antibiotics and hormones added to any meat.) Chipotle wants to change people mind about fast food restaurants.

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