Sunday, November 28, 2010

Developing and Managing Products-New-Product Strategy(week 13)

Next step! Lets develop an Asian restaurant. As Chipotle Mexican Grill continue growing rapidly and successful fast casual burrito chain, now they are planning to expand to into Asian restaurant. Chipotle is working on the Asian restaurant concept model. Chipotle's founder and co-Chief Executive Steve Ells, along with a small team from the company are those who will develop this concept and strategy reasons they don't reveal the name yet. This project is planning to be ready for the next year, lets see how it works. Steve Ells say something important about that, "This Asian restaurant is just an opportunity to see how our model works when we use different ingredients and a different style of food." The idea is to use some of the same features used by Chipotle's restaurants. For example, raised ingredients and preparing all meals in front of the customers.


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