Sunday, November 7, 2010

Produc Concepts-Brand Name (week10)

CHIPOTLE is a name that almost every one talk about, because since they opened the first restaurant people been talking and let others know about it. Almost all know Chipotle Mexican Grill as CHIPOTLE, definitively its name make difference between others. Chipotle had been getting recognized for its freshness and the best quality food The pepper in its logo is what characterize Chipotle and when people see this they know that is the correct place to go and get a delicious meal. Chipotle had been changing its image according the time pass because as it commitment (Food With Integrity) they want to keep improving and give to the costumers better things than before. A new logo represent its grow across the country and all the effort and the compromise of doing thing by the right way as possible. Chipotle wants to look young while the time pass and look full of enthusiasm to keep satisfying what their costumers want.

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