Monday, October 11, 2010

Consumer Decision Making- Perception (week 6)

When customers go to Chipotle sometimes they need some help to figure out what they are going to eat and it is when Chipotle helped them. People who work at Chipotle always try to be specific and clear in the way that they explain the customer what they might order to eat. Another way to let the customer know about what they should eat and what they are eating is by giving information posted in the Chipotle's to go bags. Ever time when you order an entrée to go, the company gives you one of about four or five artistic bags with a few sentences about the company's values. For example, "(Cartoon pig drawing, pig with speech bubble: "¡Viva la Revolución!") Okay pigs, it's time for us to get together and start fixing this system. We see the way that our pig friends get treated at their factory farms, and it's time we fight so all pigs can have the same rights we have! No more tight confining pens! No more antibiotics or non-vegetarian feed!!!!!!!! We can do it!" It is another way to let people know about Chipotle values, these bags have information about the animals raised, as well the beans, and vegetables that the company is using.

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