Sunday, September 19, 2010

Additional information to week 2- Strategic Planning

We have studied and learned from companies that have  grown too fast and gone down in flames. Maintaining quality as we grow is extremely important. We are growing at a reasonable pace and not just growing for grwth's sake. We concentrate on growing Chipotle one burrito, one customer, and one restaurant at a time.
BOGO/Free Burrito Days
Buy one get one days or free days that attract potential new customers from local business, schools and residential communities; 
  • Identify possible partners in your trade area.( see what other local business are next to you and give a menu to see what we are offering.)
  • Look for local schools that you want to see more often.( see what can we do to atrract students, for example make any discount, or accept campus cash.)
  • Talk to customers who can help you establish connections.( interact with the customers and fin out if they know somebody who migth like to eat at chipotle.)         

Chipotle Mexican Grill Map


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